We know our stuff when it comes to promoting and marketing health technology products and services.

Health tech companies choose us because we build brands and drive sales by integrating PR, digital, social and creative services into joined up communications and marketing campaigns.

We are proud of the role we have played in marketing devices and technologies which lead to earlier diagnosis, less invasive treatments, better care, reductions in hospital stays and shorter rehabilitation times.


We work with the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies to raise awareness of prescription medicines with healthcare professionals.

We build product websites, produce fact packs, create education materials and organise information sessions for doctors, nurses and relevant groups of HCPs

We drive patient-centric disease awareness campaigns and ensure medical advances and research breakthroughs give hope to thousands by ensuring coverage in the mainstream press and broadcast media as well as gaining attention on social site such as Facebook and Twitter.


We have been at the forefront of pediatric and children’s healthcare for almost 20 years.

Here are three of the campaigns of the many health education campaigns we have staged across the UK.

On behalf of Specsavers we have spearheaded numerous optical and hearing campaigns.

Working with Huggies we have driven potty training campaigns that reached mums and the kids the length and breadth of Britain.

Working with Merck we delivered campaigns aimed at keep kids in tiptop condition during cold winter months.


No one understands the marketing of healthcare services better than us.

For nearly two decades we have been providing the full gambit of PR and marketing services to the world’s biggest optical group.

We also work with UK leaders in audiology, private dentistry, cosmetic surgery and diagnostic services.

To build your brand and drive sales, we are the Only people to speak to.


We love promoting products and services that make people feel good and look good.

We bring stories to life on social media, we create videos that get shared around the globe, we break news that grabs the headlines.

If its attention your wellness, beauty and lifestyle brand requires, we’ll create the campaigns that set the tills ringing.




Health and wellness products and OTC medicines are big business for Only Health.

Our experience spans everything from vitamins to smoothies and light cooking oils to disposable nappies.

If you want to drive sales, invite us to build your brand by creating a high octane integrated communications campaigns involving PR, digital, social and content marketing. 


There are so many health charities and worthwhile causes asking for support that it’s easy for your voice to be drowned out by the din.

Our job is to ensure your brand doesn’t get drowned out but stands out in a highly competitive marketplace.

We do it by harnessing the power of public relations, digital marketing, social engagement and creative storytelling so that you connect with the heart, mind and wallets of donors not to mention corporate and government decision makers.


We are what we eat and that’s the starting point for our food and nutrition team.

There is nothing we relish more than promoting foods and drink products that make us healthier.

Trouble is – how do you distinguish one nutritious food from another.

That where we come in. We’ll make your brand famous.

If you’re a challenger we’ll take market share from the category leader. If you are the number one, we’ll grow the market and put clear blue water between you and the competition. 


Alternative medicine has a stronger voice than ever before in the health and wellness sector.

We’d like to think we have played our part in helping it become recognised and acceptable.

We helped revive the Napiers Dispensary brand nearly 20 years ago and over the years we have brought numerous alternative treatment brands to market.


Britain is a nation of animal lovers and, at Only Health, we certainly love our dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.

Our chairman says we love our pets more than we love our partners.

That’s not strictly true but it may explain why we’re so passionate when it comes to promoting animal health campaigns.

You certainly would not be barking up the wrong tree if you invited us in to discover what we can do for your brand. 


We promote medical schools and help them recruit students all around the globe.

We attract prospective doctors and HCPs using a heady mix of digital marketing, recruitment events, social engagement and PR.

Here, for instance, is the beautiful St Georges University campus in Grenada where we have boosted student recruitment figures year-on-year.





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