By Bridgetta Anderson

Modern times call for modern rules. And healthcare marketing is no different.

Media is constantly changing, leading to an evolution in healthcare marketing trends.

The internet and mobile media will always increase your reach, and while direct mail has its place in any healthcare marketing strategy, targeted email lists will enhance personalisation.

But one thing will never change. Content must be readable, relateable and relevant.

Whether a company wants to increase its email marketing conversion rate, or boost the click-through on its website, content is key.

Here are a few modern rules which should be incorporated into any marketing plan for healthcare companies.

Slice and dice your email list

Blasting a regular email newsletter to all of your contacts is no longer acceptable. Spam them with irrelevant content and they will be searching for the unsubscribe button. Of the many healthcare marketing challenges we all face, the most vital is learning how to remain relevant. One of the benefits of technology in healthcare is that we can segment contact lists for targeted marketing, for greater reach, engagement and ROI.

Make content an easy read

Low attention spans mean that short, shareable content has the greatest value and will improve user engagement. Think headers, bold text, hyperlinks, attractive images and even videos to make that content jump out when readers are scanning information. An in-depth report should be divided into easy-read chunks and made as attractive as possible.

Create a vision

Telling a story in a visual way is always the most engaging. And 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. So don’t be afraid to use this, along with images and infographics.

Optimise for all

Smartphones and healthcare go hand in hand, with a large proportion of the market turning to healthcare mobile apps for information and up-to-date news. But marketing should be optimised for all channels and devices. Consider social media. What dimensions do your images need to be for Facebook, or Twitter? If you don’t know, check out this cheat sheet on social media image sizes. Likewise, be mindful of your email subject lines – they should be no more than 28-39 characters – or blog titles which should be up to 55 characters, to avoid them being cut-off.

Get social

Establish a social media policy and start to engage with your audience. Providing health advice, customer support and creating brand awareness should be made a priority. Consider the power of hashtags and how they can help get a message out. With the right social media strategy, a company’s marketing reach can be given an incredible boost.

Measure and test

Establish which key performance indicators your brand will use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing. For example, you could measure reach (the size of your audience) along with impressions (how many people read/shared content) and engagement (the number of clicks/shares). Other popular social media metrics include audience growth rate, average engagement rate, and response rates. The right marketing metrics can help plan and test the most effective marketing strategies.

As technology changes, so must a brand’s healthcare marketing strategies. Consumer needs must be met. A good marketer can see how the market is changing and will always adapt to that.


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