By Bridgetta Anderson

A health awareness campaign is generally not designed to promote a specific brand.

It sheds light on general health topics, and has become more important to the health community as it places greater emphasis on preventative care.

Effective health campaigns will know how to reach your target market and grab their attention, spreading awareness of health issues into the bargain.

The best health campaign ideas deliver the information in a fun and easy way. They will improve communication with customers – without them even realising it.

This is not about marketing health products. A healthcare marketing strategy in this instance should raise the level of awareness among the public and help people make better decisions about their health.

Unlike most tasks involving marketing in healthcare, your audience may be resistant to what you have to offer.

Here are the general guidelines for getting it right.

Channel it

Where is your audience likely to hear the message? Are they social media users? If so, which one? A recent campaign by the public health body NICE used Snapchat to reach a younger market and got great results on a relatively small budget. Do your research and make sure you’re pushing the message out in the right place.


Health is a specialised area, but avoid jargon in this instance. At the same time, don’t assume your audience has the basic knowledge about the issue or technology you are referring to. Find a way of explaining things but keep it in layman’s terms.


Speak directly to the experience of your audience, and make the information relatable. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Are they likely to say “That will never happen to me?” If so, put someone just like them at the centre of the campaign, explaining how it did happen to them.

Invite action

Since your goal is likely to be prompting the audience to change their habits or take a specific action, don’t forget to stress this part of your campaign. Spell it out to the market. What should they do? Never assume they will get the message. Hammer it home in the strongest way possible.


Don’t be afraid to provoke a strong response. You may need to shock your market into taking action. For example a campaign to stop drivers from texting behind the wheel will be most effective if it shows the devastating consequences of using a mobile phone at 70mph.


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