By Bridgetta Anderson

Once the excesses of Christmas are out of the way and we hurtle towards a new year, health and fitness will be high on the agenda, as the top diet trends begin to emerge and everyone sets about trying to reinvent themselves.

If reports are to be believed vegetable-flavoured yogurt will be one of the food trends to hit the UK in the coming year.

It has taken off in the US, but the jury is still out on whether the British market will embrace this passing fancy which includes carrot, beetroot and sweet potato flavours.

Weight loss trends have certainly evolved to go back to basics and incorporate more healthy options, rather than the calorie counting and faddy diets which hardly served us well over the past few decades (think rumbling tummies and too much sugar!)

Diet trends have moved towards fast but effective, with the Joe Wicks "Lean In 15" series revealing how to trim down and cook healthily in the shortest window of time.

High protein foods and low carbohydrate diets are still popular, but the public tend to understand that “everything in moderation” is the best attitude for a happy and healthy life.

Likewise with the emergence of fitness-tracker watches, we’re all about slotting exercise into our daily routine – rather than paying for expensive gym membership which we never use.

Weight loss is still our goal but we will find the best diet plans 2017 will be all about healthy lifestyles and the fast fix. Going hungry and feeling the burn is soooooo 1990s.

Here's what we can expect to see for health and wellbeing in 2017.

rise of plant proteins

Protein doesn’t have to come from an animal. Pea and hemp proteins are showing up in powders for smoothies, nutrition bars, and even crisps.

Consumers will be able to buy plant-based proteins, side by side with the animal proteins in supermarkets.

In smoothie powders alone, plant protein is growing two and a half times faster than whey.

And it’s no longer a niche market for vegans, with a growing proportion of households choosing to have at least one meat-free day in their week.

Staying in is the new going out

Millennials are unashamedly taking “me time” to the max, lounging in an Instagram-worthy sanctuary at home, rather than going out on the town.

With social media glamourizing carefully-designed spaces within the home, people are prioritising personal comfort and a more casual approach to time with friends. Think girls nights in and relaxed dinner parties.

We’re all aware of the importance of rest and sleep to our bodies. And 2017 will be all about recharging.

Fit and fresh

When it comes to fitness, however, going out is the new staying in.

There will be more options open to those who like getting some fresh air.

Outdoor gyms – with pull-up bars and stationary bikes – will be on the rise in public parks.

The emphasis will be on fun and simplistic, with classes such as skipping to get your heartbeat up and burn calories faster.

And for those Tough Mudder types who enjoy an obstacle course challenge, these will be on the rise. 

Watermelon Water

Fuelled by Beyonce’s investment in the brand WTRMLN WTR, the drinks market will see a major trend overtake the health-conscious coconut water and cactus water.

And that will be watermelon water. It is simply cold-pressed watermelon juice for “natural rehydration”.

Water will probably do the trick just as well, but if it’s good enough for Bey…….

Free-from foods

These types of specialist foods will move away from simply being relegated to those with food intolerances, and a larger chunk of the market will choose gluten-free, wheat-free and non-dairy foods as they become more aware of their bodies.

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