By Bridgetta Anderson

It’s inevitably that time when thoughts turn to the “New Year, New You” revolution.

Whether it’s through specific resolutions, or just a subconscious need to get over the excesses of the festive season, January is that time when we seek to improve body and mind.

But who can help?

The top influencers when it comes to improving health and wellbeing are those brands which encourage small changes – recognising that healthy lifestyle changes are most likely to make a lasting impact.

Health and wellbeing trends in 2017 are all about a gentler approach – not putting ourselves through drastic measures. The “no pain, no gain” era is at an end, and society is looking at how to change habits in small ways to see big improvements. Making positive changes is the key to finding happiness, we’re beginning to discover.

The most meaningful brands are the ones adding value to our already busy lives, rather than offering the pipe dream. The health and fitness industry is adapting to a more holistic approach to wellness.

Consumer healthcare has adapted its bedside manner, focusing on ways to improve health without sending our bodies into shock with drastic and unsustainable changes.

So which brands should you look at, to take care of you in 2017?

Seven Seas

The vitamin and supplement specialist is encouraging consumers to live the age they feel, with their #TrueAge marketing campaign. Challenging and redefining attitudes towards ageing, it promotes products which support health as we get older – focusing specifically on Perfect 7, Cod Liver Oil and JointCare. 

Johnson & Johnson

Alongside it’s well known consumer products, J&J is making leaps in the pharmaceutical industry, developing treatments for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, infections and cancers. 


Flyknit and Nike Grind are just two of the latest innovations from a company which makes fitness more attractive. They use sustainable materials to produce high performance sportswear. Who can argue with that? 


While the public mostly associate Philips with hair removal products, the brand is constantly innovating to produce products dealing with health issues such as pain relief, promoting breastfeeding and better sleep. At the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) last September in Berlin the company unveiled new products including a smart air purifier to provide families with clean air controlled via smartphone. 


This brand combines mobile technologies, social networking, gaming and big data analytics with the aim of helping users improve health and wellbeing. In short, it’s an activity tracker, which gives you a health score. But as well as fitness it also monitors feelings and lifestyle. 

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