Healthcare Marketing Clients

As a healthcare marketing agency, our clients include innovative optical brands, trusted pharmaceutical companies, pioneering life science businesses, patient-focussed NHS trusts, providers of private healthcare, inventive medial appliance firms and care homes that make life better for the elderly and disabled.

We raise awareness of health research institutions bringing the wellbeing breakthroughs of tomorrow, health brands that make us look and feel better, specialists bringing hearcare to the community, national fitness chains that are giving us a healthier lifestyle as well as natural remedy retailers unlocking the secrets of mother nature.


Healthcare Marketing Activities

For some of our healthcare marketing clients it means helping to drive sales and grow market share. 

For other health brands we launch new medicines or raise consumer awareness of their wellbeing services.

Some ask us to spearhead health education campaigns while others require assistance recruiting patients for study programmes.

We drive corporate PR campaigns and, for some, we spearhead investor communications to raise funding for expansion or further research.

When necessary, we ensure clients avoid reputation meltdown by providing health crisis management services.

Our Health Marketing Services

We offer an extensive portfolio of health marketing services - everything from healthcare social media to mHealth communications.

Our marketing and communications specialisms include healthcare PR, digital marketing, email, web design, health literature, market research, direct marketing, email marketing and much, much more.

You will recognise many of our headline clients - Specsavers, Kimberly-Clark, Merk Serono, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Unilever and TENA to name but a handful.

For us, size is not what’s important. What we care about is the passion of our healthcare marketing clients to deliver breakthroughs, set new standards and make life better for us all.


Global Health Marketing Reach

Headquartered in London and New York, we have eight offices in the UK and an international footprint that spans the globe.

We are equally at home in Beijing or Birmingham, Milan or Manchester, Lisbon or Leeds, Essen or Edinburgh not to mention Geneva or Glasgow.  

Whatever your market and where ever your customer base, we guarantee to successfully deliver integrated healthcare marketing and healthcare PR campaigns for B2B and B2C audiences.

As far as we know, we are the only health marketing agency that guarantees success.  Our promise is a simple one - total client delight each month or your fee returned.

Call us today on 0800 612 9890 in the UK or 1-800 400 3831 in the US or Canada.


Free health Marketing Advice

For a free health marketing  consultation, call Elspeth Brown on our Helpdesk 0800 612 9890 or enter your name & email.

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