By Bridgetta Anderson

Every so often a trend comes along which changes society’s buying habits.

Not a fad, but something which really taps into a nation’s psyche and changes the way they live, thus affecting the market.

This is what I like to call the Joe Wicks effect. His is one of the many health trends of recent years to have resonated with the public’s need for a quick fix to stay fit and trim.

If you’ve been living on another planet, Joe Wicks is the Lean In 15 health guru who is teaching us all how to cook healthy meals and get the body beautiful from short, high intensity bursts of exercise.

Known as The Body Coach, his combination of 15-minute meals and 20 minute interval training sessions have seduced the body-conscious public who are tired of starvation diets and long hours at the gym.

To call Wicks a trend may even be under-selling him. What he has created is more of a movement, a shift towards healthy eating and exercise which appears effortless because it fits easily into their day.

From a marketing perspective, in order to stay competitive, brands should have their finger on the pulse of trends like the Lean In 15 movement, searching for an association which could see their products flying off the shelves.

An endorsement of a food product, for example, from Joe Wicks sees that particular item flying off the shelves and even selling out.

Healthcare marketing is largely about tapping into the nation’s psyche, what society cares about, its concerns and its willingness to focus on wellbeing.

What Joe Wicks offers is not rocket science – but a cleverly packaged way to give people what they want.

His Instagram account has 1.6 million followers who soak up the images of his disciples’ transformations alongside pics of mouthwatering dinners and desserts.

Trends are an important part of any marketing strategy. Tap into one and it can grow your business as effortlessly as Joe Wicks can deliver the six pack stomach you’ve always dreamed of.

For the healthcare industry, Wicks is a dream.

Find a trend, and make it work for you. Whether jumping on the bandwagon of the Joe Wicks effect or finding another inspirational movement, it’s simple but incredibly effective.


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