By David Willis

All you want to do on a beach holiday is kick back and relax. Fortunately, we’ve got some summer sunshine hacks, hints and tips that make relaxing a little bit easier.

So, before you head to the beach, check out Only Health Marketing’s 10 tips – some of them to keep you safe and healthy, others because they’re too handy not to share …


Film star tan… Never anyone around when your back needs sunscreen? Try slathering some on to an arm's length piece of clingfilm and using it the same way you'd dry your back with a towel. Job done.

Shady solution… Those dastardly beach umbrellas fall over at the first gust of wind – and staying in the shade’s key to protecting your skin. But fear not – pour a bucket of water over the sand when you stick the spike back in for a more secure shady spot.

Some feat… Sandy feet can be really annoying on the walk home. So take some talc to the beach with you and rub it on your feet before you head back. The talc dries up the moisture, allowing you to knock off the sand. Simple.

Keep your cool… Want cool drinks at the beach? You’ve got to stay hydrated and don’t want to overheat. Freeze half of your water bottles at the apartment and pack them with the rest of your supplies. Icy!

See clearly… Not all sunglasses are created equal – in the eyes of the law. There can be a £2,500 fine if you get it wrong in the UK. If you’re a driver, you can’t wear category four lenses, as they only let through between three and eight per cent of light. Category two lenses are recommended for daytime driving. Specsavers have some helpful online tips about what you’d need.

Baby burrow… Taking a tiny tot with you? Dig a hole in the sand under your shade and line it with a beach towel to give them a cosy spot for a nap.

Ringing wet?... Put your phone inside a zip-lock bag to keep it waterproof in case you forget and wander into the sea with it in the pocket of your shorts. It’ll also stop sand scratching your screen.

Safe as a bank… Hide your banknotes inside an empty sanitary pad wrapper to deter thieves if you leave your beach bag unattended. We’re looking after your financial health, here.

Flaming flip-flops… Not fancy doing the ooh-yah-oh-yah dance when you step into your flip-flops? There’s no need to burn your feet – remember to turn your flip-flops over so the soles are facing up. Ta-da! Cool feet.

Ear we go… Does your ear feel blocked with water after a swim? Blow up a balloon. Problem solved.

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