Health Marketing Is Why We Exist

Healthcare is our lifeblood. In fact, it’s our exclusive focus.

Collectively our team has decades of experience. We understand the industry, its stakeholders and the challenges it presents.

We know how to harness the power of data, insights and communication to help you achieve your commercial objectives, overcome marketing challenges and manage complex issues.

That combined with brilliant creative thinking, leaves you with only one marketing choice – Only Health.


We're different from other health marketing agencies. We mix science, logic, emotion and creativity to create impactful communications campaigns that speak to the hearts and minds of patients, consumers and healthcare professionals.

Our scientists take the guesswork out of marketing by crunching data and everything that’s measurable to identify where to direct marketing budgets to maximise impact.

We employ cold hard logic to pinpoint the most effective tactics and we add creativity and emotion to fashion campaigns that resonate with target audiences. 


Data and creativity are the foundations upon which our health communications campaigns are built.

They are the yin and yang of integrated marketing and you need both to create truly memorable campaigns.

At Only Health, our PR, digital, social and creative specialists weave multi-channel strategies that logically and emotionally connect with the specific audiences you want to reach.


As a creative communications consultancy we have stars in every position.

Our team includes commercially-focussed strategists, experienced PR professionals, gifted writers, imaginative designers, inspired film-makers and incisive data scientists.

We reckon we have the most gifted digital and social marketing team in the UK as well as penny-pinching media buyers, detail-obsessed event managers, truly creative web programmers and mobile experts who operate at the forefront of mHealth.  


We are part of Beattie, the creative communications group – winners of the Large PR Agency Of The Year title.

With nine offices across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow, we’re on your doorstep wherever you’re located.

And if you’re targeting international markets, you’ll be pleased to hear we have partners in more than 40 countries around the globe.

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